Around pregnancy week 28, your baby will be coming along nicely. You, on the other hand, will be experiencing a lot of changes. As your body prepares for the big day, you will have to face various symptoms. Remember to stay hydrated because it helps to reduce the swelling.
Another thing you will experience is hyper pigmentation. While you might already have a linea nigra (a dark line down your tummy), you might also get chlosma (a dark patch of discolored skin) on your face. Don’t worry though. It will fade away after childbirth.

How’s the Baby Doing at Pregnancy Week 28?

By pregnancy week 28, your baby will have developed to the size of a large eggplant, measuring around 16 inches in size and weighing a healthy 35.2 ounces. The baby will have started to learn how to dream now and will have regular REM cycles. Furthermore, its eyes will have opened and the baby would have learnt how to blink by now. Your baby will now start getting into the proper birthing position and will remain in this spot until it is delivered.

The Symptoms at Pregnancy Week 28

The symptoms you will experience during this week include:
Sciatica: This occurs because of the baby’s new position which might apply pressure on the sciatic nerve. The shooting pain may be alleviated if the baby moves a bit. If not, you should get some bed rest, a warm bath or use a heating pad to help ease the discomfort.
Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD): This happens because the pregnancy hormones have caused your pelvic joint to relax too much in preparation for the birth of the baby. In this state, it becomes unstable and too stretchy. If you are experiencing a lot of pain because of it, consult a doctor and get a support belt for your pelvis. This will help support the pelvic joint and the surrounding ligaments and keep them in place as well.
What to Do?

This is the time when the baby starts absorbing iron and other nutrients from your body. Make sure to chow down on food items which are iron-rich such as beans, chicken, spinach, tofu and other foods. Since the baby relies on you to get its iron, you need to make sure that your body has enough to meet your needs and the baby’s needs too.

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