Around pregnancy week 26 , you must definitely be noticing the changes that are happening in your body. While you might have had a slight hint of a bump before, you will have a more prominent baby bump by now. Furthermore, you will be putting on a bit of weight now at the rate of one pound per week. Don’t be disheartened though. Embrace the new baby weight you’ve put on since this is completely normal.

How’s the Baby Doing at Pregnancy Week 26?

By pregnancy week 26, your baby will have grown to around the size of a large scallion, coming up to 9 inches in size and weighing a healthy 26.6 ounces. The baby’s motor skills will be getting a lot more coordinated now so you’ll be feeling its kicks and movements in a more pronounced manner now.
If you’re having a baby boy, this is the time when his testicles will start descending into his scrotum. While it will take another 2-3 months to happen completely, this is the time when it starts. The baby’s hearing will also be more developed and extremely sensitive by now and it will be able to hear your voice!

The Symptoms at Pregnancy Week 26

The symptoms you will experience during this week include:
Gas and bloating: avoid eating large meals. Instead have several smaller meals throughout the day.
Migraines: you can’t take strong medication for your migraine so stick to more holistic practices.
Clumsiness: This happens because the expanding uterus will shift your center of gravity. This is temporary but be extremely careful in the bathroom and while walking on slick surfaces.
Round ligament pain: Again, this is caused by your expanding uterus. You might get particularly achy so make sure to sit down, take the load off and use a hot or cold compress to ease your aching joints.
What to Do?

This week, you should take the time to plan out the mode of child birth you want to have. Do you want a holistic approach through a mid-wife, a water birth or have it in the hospital? Be sure to ask for detailed information before you make a decision.

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