Congratulations! You’re now entering the third and last trimester of your pregnancy. By this time, you will definitely have a more prominent baby bump. You will also have gained more weight and so will the baby. At pregnancy week 27, your uterus will have now swollen enough to give you a basketball sized baby bump!

How’s the Baby Doing at Pregnancy Week 27 ?

By pregnancy week 27, your baby will have developed to the size of a head of cauliflower, measuring around 14 inches in size and weighing a healthy 32 ounces now. The baby’s brain will start to be more active because of the brain tissue that is developing. This will cause the baby to move around a lot more as it sleeps, wakes up and sucks on its thumb. You will also feel the baby hiccup once or twice. This is something which becomes common during this period. Moreover, it is possible to hear the baby’s heartbeat if someone puts an ear to your belly.

The Symptoms at Pregnancy Week 27

The symptoms you will experience during this week include:
Edema: This occurs because of a buildup of bodily fluids in your vena cava (a big vein that regulates blood flow from the heart to the lower limbs) and body tissues.
Preeclampsia: When too much pressure is being applied on the vena cava, you may have preeclampsia which causes excessive swelling. Avoid sitting in one place for too long and stay hydrated.
Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS): This happens because of an iron deficiency or anemia. It creates a jittery tingle in your legs, making them restless. Consider doing yoga to relax the muscles and take iron supplements.
Bleeding gums: This is caused by the pregnancy hormones. While this is a temporary condition, make sure to brush and floss each day.
What to Do?

This week, you should talk to your doctor about the predicted time of delivery. Around this time, the doctor can read certain signs which allow them to make a guess at when the baby will be ready. This is also a good time to book a day or time slot for the big day. You should also have an overnight bag packed and ready with supplies as well.

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