You might be feeling a bit uncomfortable nowadays because of the growing bundle of joy you have. As the baby grows during pregnancy week 30, your uterus might be running out of space so every kick and every movement the baby makes, you will surely feel it too. If you find yourself almost wishing for the days when baby was a quite small lump, just take a look at how well he or she’s developing.

How’s the Baby Doing at Pregnancy Week 30?

By pregnancy week 30, your baby will have developed to the size of a pineapple by now, measuring around 17.5 inches in size and weighing a healthy 40.5 ounces now. The baby will feel more active now since it is bigger and taking up more space in the uterus. Being more developed now, the baby will also react more to stimuli like your voice or light and will kick or jab you with his knees and elbows in response.

The Symptoms at Pregnancy Week 30

The symptoms that you will experience during this week include:

  • Fatigue: This occurs because the baby is growing at a much faster rate. Remember to take several small meals throughout the day to keep your energy up. Also take little breaks to give your swollen feet a rest.

  • Brackton Hicks Contractions: This happens because of the increased pressure and blood flow you are experiencing. It causes your baby bump to feel stiff for a minute or two. You can ease that by wearing support stockings and resting your legs whenever you can.

  • Waddling: Walking with a baby bump can be tough and you might have developed the pregnant waddle already. However, make sure you walk properly and maintain proper posture since it will prevent overstraining of your muscles.


What to Do?

Try going to a childbirth class that helps expectant mothers prepare for the upcoming baby. With such groups, you can create a nice little support channel which can be really useful in teaching you what to expect. Furthermore, it feels nice knowing that you’re not going through the situation alone.

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