As each week goes by, you must be getting impatient to see what the baby will look like. Toting the baby around is tough on your back and legs but this labor of love is well worth the wait. With the baby’s brain working overtime to develop in preperation for the big day, the baby’s senses are developing much faster during pregnancy week 31.

How’s the Baby Doing at Pregnancy Week 31?

By pregnancy week 31, your baby will have developed to the size of a watermelon, measuring around 18 inches in size and weighing a healthy 48 ounces. The baby will be more active but will also slow down every now and then when he is sleeping. With its brain developing, the baby will also become more reactive to stimuli. Its eyes will be blinking now when it’s awake although there won’t be much for it to see inside you.

The Symptoms at Pregnancy Week 31

The symptoms you will experience during this week include:

  • Shortness of breath: This occurs because the growing uterus is pressing up against the internal organs to make more room for the baby to grow. Take small deep breaths and try to regulate your breathing. Don’t worry about the baby, it’s getting it’s oxygen from the placenta.

  • Frequent bathroom breaks: Since the uterus is expanding to accomodate the baby, the lungs aren’t the only place feeling the squeeze. The bladder gets compressed which will make you have to take frequent bathroom breaks because of the constant urge to urinate.

What to Do?

Take a check of all your vitamins and prenatal checkups. Make sure you haven’t missed any and are still continuing with the right diet. With the baby growing at such a rate, you have to look after yourself. Eat right and stay hydrated, even if it makes you want to go to the bathroom all the time.

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