The availability of the COVID-19 vaccine is a big step towards the stopping of the virus that causes this deadly pandemic. The first vaccines released are  authorized  for emergency use  in adults and teens  who are at least 16 years old. Those in first line to receive the vaccine include high risk groups such as the elderly and  front line health care  workers. Other teens and adults are likely to have access later in 2021.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials need to be completed before vaccine becomes available in children. This is important to ensure that they are safe for this age group. Children cannot be classified as little adults. As a result we cannot just a assume a vaccine  will have the same effect it had on them  as it did for an older person.


Will there be  a vaccine before the 2021-22 school year ?

The availability of the vaccine  will depend on results of the trials  of the vaccine in adolescent and children. Based on the current rate of research , there may be a vaccine for at least some age group of children and adolescent before the 2021-22 school year begins.


Will COVID vaccine be required for school entry

As soon as the vaccine results shows that it  is safe and healthy for  children, health authorities including the CDC and AAP will recommend when and how children should get the vaccine. However, it is a state government’s  decision which vaccines are required for school entry. The decision can vary from state to state.


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