Tips to help your family get stronger and safer .


 Get the flu vaccine :  The flu shot is the best way to protect yourself and your family  from the flu. It is especially essential to get it  this year as COVID  keeps spreading. Contact your child’s pediatrician to make sure your children are up to date on their immunizations. Teach them good hygiene habits to help prevent the spread of the  virus.

Get outside : Spending time outdoors boosts your mood. It also helps your family  get physical exercise as well as vitamin D  while enjoying nature. Spending  time outdoors also gives your child a healthy screen time break.


Keep infants rear facing as along as possible :  Keep your child rear facing up to the limit of the car seat. This will include virtually all children up to the age of 2  and most children up to age 4.


Practice self-care : It is important to take care of yourself . Get the much needed rest. Get a check up.  Get help if you need one. You don’t have to do all the chores by yourself.


Spend time together as a family. It is important to spend time together as a family. Watch TV  together, eat together, play games together or just spend time talking  and listening to each other. This will help strengthen your bond as a family.


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