Chronic pelvic pain is pain in the pelvic area that lasts  for 6 months or more. This pain may come and go or may be constant. Sometimes it follows a regular cycle such as occurring during your period or before or  after eating, during sex or while urinating.


chronic pelvic pain

What are the causes of chronic pelvic pain?


Several conditions can cause chronic pelvic pain. Sometimes the pain may occur with no apparent reason. Some of the causes of pelvic chronic pain include the following :

What are the symptoms of chronic pelvic pain ?

This pain has many characteristics and includes :

  • severe and steady pain
  • pain that comes and go
  • pressure deep into your pelvis
  • sharp pain or cramping

You may also experience the following ;

  • pain during intercourse
  • pain when you sit for a long period of time
  • pain during bowel movement or while urinating

This discomfort may occur when you stand for long periods of time. It gets better when you sit.  This pain may be mild or severe. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact your health care provider.


How is chronic pelvic pain diagnosed ?


Your doctor will ask you about your medical history. He will then  do  a physical exam including pelvic exam. This is done to help find the cause of the pain. You may also be referred to other specialist depending on your situation.


You may have to  imaging tests such as

How is chronic pelvic pain treated ?


Treatment includes several pain relief measures such as medication, physical therapy, nutritional therapy and surgery.


Pain relief drugs : These include non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs NSAIDs

Lifestyle changes :Regular exercises and good posture may help relieve this pain

Nutritional therapy : Vitamin B1 and magnesium may be used to relieve  dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation )

Surgery : If your pain  is not responding to other treatments, surgery can be used to relieve pain. This involves cutting  or destroying nerves blocks pain signals from reaching tissues and organs.
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