It is uncommon for nursing moms to worry how to boost  breast milk supply.  The best way to know if you are producing enough milk is that your baby is gaining good weight  and growing along the growth curve. You should however know that newborns lose  weight during the first few days after birth. However.  they start putting on weight again 3 to 5 days after birth. Babies usually gain their birth weight by day 14 after delivery.


boost breast milk supply


How do i know that my baby is  getting enough breastmilk ?


Here are signs that may indicate that your baby is getting enough milk

  • breasts feels softer and emptier after feeding
  • baby is feeding at least 6 to 8 times a day and is content after feeding
  • breastfeeding feels comfortable and is painless
  • you can hear and see your baby swallow
  • your baby comes of the breast when he is done feeding
  • your baby urinates at least 7 times a day. He passes stool that is yellow and has lumps that looks like curdled milk.


However if you feel you milk supply is low and your baby is not having enough to eat, there are several ways you can boost your milk supply.


How to boost breast milk supply


These tips can help you boost your milk supply

  • nurse often – the more your baby nurses, the more milk you produce. Dont follow a strict schedule. Nurse  whenever your baby is hungry. If the baby doesn’t  finish breastfeeding session, pump the remaining milk from the breast to increase milk supply
  • offer both breasts at each feeding. Let the baby stay at one breast  as long as he is actively sucking and swallowing . Offer the second breast when the baby slow down and stops.
  • some  foods such as garlic may change the taste of breast milk.  It tends to make the baby feed longer and as a result increase milk supply. However  if these  foods make your baby colicky, cut back on them
  • limit the use of a pacifier while encouraging the baby to suck well
  • rest as much as  you can. Tiredness can have a toll on breast milk supply. Cut down on chores, and make time for yourself to relax with your baby, eat, rest and nurse
  • avoid beer and other alcoholic drinks. They lower milk production
  • stay well hydrated . Dehydration can reduce your milk supply. Try to drink as much water as you need to and eat foods rich in water such as fruits and vegetables
  • eat well and healthy. To be able to  provide your baby with milk, you must take in  more calories to maintain milk supply. Eat diet rich in fruits , vegetables and whole grains
  • wait to use baby bottles. Wait for a few weeks to establish milk supply before you start  to  introduce bottles. The baby need to suck as much as possible and empty the breast so you’ll make more milk
  • herbs such as fenugreek are known to have milk boosting  abilities. Reserch isn’t really clear if this herb really boost milk supply. However they are safe to take during breastfeeding. They should not be taken during pregnancy because they can cause uterine contractions. Ask your doctor which herbs you can take to boost breast milk supply
  • massage your breast . This can boost the volume and  fat content of your milk. When your baby is soothing himself with breast milk rather than drinking ( comfort feeding ), you can start by massaging the breast near your chest and then a little further towards your nipple. Wait for the baby to take a couple of swallows.Start  another area of the same breasts and wait for more swallows. Repeat.
  • check your medications . Some medicines  reduce milk supply. These include  antihistamines and decongestants, diuretics, hormonal contraceptives containing estrogen, and some weight loss medications. As your doctor about alternatives
  • seek the help of a lactation consultant.
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