Muscle cramps are  experienced  by most  pregnant women. Most muscle cramps occur in the legs but  may also occur in the back, abdomen, feet or hands. Muscle spasms are involuntary contractions that are accompanied by severe pain. They usually  occur during the evenings.


muscle cramps

Natural ways of treating muscle cramps

There are various ways to prevent muscle cramps during pregnancy. This can be achieved through stretching, getting all the essential minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium and staying hydrated.


However if muscle craps do occur, there are various natural ways that can be used to alleviate your symptoms.


Apply heat : Apply heat to the cramping muscle using a heating pad. You can also use a warm towel or a hot water bottle.


Stretching : It is crucial to stretch your muscles before you exercise . You also have to use them for long periods of time. Stretching relieves muscle cramps.


Massage : Massaging aching muscles and  their neighboring muscles help relieve pain.


Stay hydrated : Keeping the muscles well hydrated can help prevent cramps. You are not getting enough water if your urine is dark yellow.


Apply ice : Apply ice packs to the cramping muscles. You can also wrap ice from the refrigerator. The cold soothes the pain associated with cramps.


Epsom salt : Epsom salt bath is  effective in alleviating pain associated with muscle cramps. It releases tension in the muscles and helps you relax.


Combination : Stretching your muscles and then massaging them after with either an ice pack or heating pad collectively alleviates and relieves cramps.


If muscle cramps still persist or becomes worse after these natural remedies, contact your doctor . He may prescribe medications to help alleviate your symptoms
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