By week 15 of your pregnancy, you will have a bit of tummy to show off for sure. You will also notice some change in the way you walk as it would hurt your legs to keep standing for long. In addition, you will feel more restless during sleep since you will be trying to find a comfortable position for yourself. That aside, your energy levels would shoot up and so would your libido, but there might be some other symptoms that could put you off too.

How’s the Baby Doing?

Still growing at a remarkable rate, your baby would almost be the size of a navel orange, almost 4 inches in size and 2.5 ounces in weight. Not only will the baby be growing, but its proportions would also become more normal by now. The baby is also very active by this time, squirming like crazy, moving all his or her joints and limbs and probably also hiccupping. Congratulations; your baby is growing up fast!

The Symptoms

A lot of new symptoms would start showing up by this week, including:

  • Nosebleeds and sensitive nasal passages
  • Swollen gums
  • Indigestion, gas and heartburn
  • Increased libido

What to Do?

To keep yourself well hydrated, you need to drink a lot of water, preferably fresh tap water. You are also more vulnerable to getting a urinary tract infection at this stage, so be extremely careful about hygiene. That aside, cranberry juice can be beneficial for you at this time because of its high Vitamin C levels. Finally, week 15 is also the right time to schedule your amniocentesis and multiple marker screening if you are planning to have them.


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