The 14th week of your pregnancy marks your entry into your second trimester and you can finally breathe a bit easy knowing that. For most women, the second trimester is the easiest time of their pregnancy as most pregnancy symptoms start lifting, especially nausea, exhaustion and queasiness. Instead, a burst of energy and an ever-present hunger usually sets in.

How’s the Baby Doing?

At week 14 of pregnancy, your baby is almost the size of a lemon, measuring around 3.4 inches in length and weighing 1.5 ounces. By this week, the baby will start developing a thin layer of peach-fuzz-like hair known as lanugo, which helps in keeping the baby warm. The kidneys, liver and spleen of your baby have also started working properly, carrying out their respective functions. In addition, although you might not feel it, the baby is wiggling its toes and fingers vigorously by now and is probably sucking on his or her thumb.

The Symptoms

In this week, you are probably going to notice some change in your symptoms, experiencing things like:

  • Increased level of energy and consistent hunger pangs
  • Aches and pain in the lower abdomen as muscles adjust to accommodate the growth of baby
  • Thicker and shinier hair

What to Do?

Remember to eat a balanced and healthy meal, have healthy snacks at hand, and exercise. Just because you are eating for two does not mean you can double your calorie intake. You should also start with regular monthly prenatal visits so that you can learn more about your baby. If you have a naval piercing, it is the best time to take the pin out before it becomes irritating. You can also start shopping for new clothes or go for a holiday now that your second trimester has started.


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