You are finally closing in on the end of your first trimester, just another week to go. Things will start settling down a bit for you, especially your hormones, bringing a slight change in your symptoms. It is alright to feel excited because you are about to reach a good and more exciting stage of your pregnancy.

How’s the Baby Doing?

In the twelfth week, your baby is the size of a plum, measuring about 2.1 inches in length, and reaching a weight of 0.49 ounces. With almost all its parts well-developed now, the only thing your baby needs to do is grow. With the critical systems of your baby completely developed, it will now start developing reflexes and brain skills fast. It will also start moving its toes and fingers by now, even move if you poke.

The Symptoms

The symptoms that you will be experiencing this month include:
• A decrease in nausea and fatigue due to calmer hormones
• Increased vaginal discharge
• Intensified headaches and dizziness which can be because of hormonal changes, dehydration, stress, drop in blood sugar levels and vision changes

What to Do?

By this week, it is extremely important for you to stay hydrated and be aware of the signs of dehydration so that you can avoid it completely. By now, you will also be big enough to look slightly pregnant, so it is time to tell your friends and family finally! Another person you should talk to is your boss, because you need to sort out your maternity leaves.


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