As your pregnancy is progressing, it’s quite understandable that you will start feeling excited about it. Since your baby is growing up fast, you will now be able to notice some extra curves, but even then, these will not really tell that you are pregnant. Still, you will need to visit some shops and get somewhat loose clothes for yourself. However, since your body is about to grow more, do not go crazy while shopping just yet; you will have to buy a new size really soon.

How’s the Baby Doing?

By the tenth week, your baby will almost be the size of a prune, measuring 1.2 inches in length and 0.14 ounces in weight. By this time, your baby is a miniature version of how it will be at birth and the development from here onwards will only involve growth and maturity. Your baby has almost-formed bones and cartilages, working arm joints, and fully developed and functional vital organs. Your baby will also start swallowing, kicking, and growing fingernails and hair by this week.

The Symptoms

Here are some symptoms you will start experiencing in this week:
• By this week, some women start experiencing ligament pain in their abdomen, which is caused due to the increased pressure on the internal organs and the stretching ligaments.
• Continuous fatigue and frequent sleepiness will continue in this week, accompanied by some weird dreams.
• Your belly and breasts will get bigger and will have visible blue veins.

What to Do?

One of the most important things you need to do in this week is schedule a nuchal translucency test. This is basically a special ultrasound where your baby will be check to see if it has any danger of genetic diseases, especially Down syndrome. Also, if you have decided to take a prenatal testing, decide between a CVS test and amnio then schedule an appointment.

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