My amniotic  membrane sac  has ruptured prematurely! What is wrong ?


This condition is called Premature rupture of membranes PROM. It is when  the membrane sac containing the amniotic fluid and holding the baby breaks open before you actually go into labor. Membrane rapture normally happens at the end of the first stage of labor – a stage during which “your water breaks”. In PROM however , your  water breaks before you go into labor, which is different from the normal process where a woman goes into labor 24 hours after her water breaks. When your water breaks before 37 weeks, it is termed preterm premature rupture of membranes PPROM.



What causes premature rupture of membranes ?


Conditions or factors that may cause PROM include

  • previous history of PPROM or PROM
  • smoking
  • poor diet
  • previous preterm birth
  • vagina bleeding
  • pressure of the amniotic sac due to too much amniotic fluid or more than one baby
  • surgery of the cervix
  • infections  of the cervix, vagina and uterus


I am leaking fluid . Is it a sign of premature rupture of membranes ?


The common sign of PROM  is leaking or a gush of fluid from the vagina. You may mistake this to be urine.  Be sure to contact your doctor if

  • your underwear is constantly wet
  • fluid  has a sweet smell and has no color

Does PROM pose any risk to me and my unborn baby ?

This condition can lead to infections in you and the baby which can be fatal. It may also cause complications like placental abruption, cesarean birth, uterine cord prolapse and post partum infection.

My water broke early . What’s next ?


If your water breaks after 37 weeks and you don’t go into labor, you will be induced for early delivery. This is done to prevent infection.

If you are between 34-37 weeks and your water breaks you will be induced to go into labor. It is a safer option because it prevents infection.


If you are before 34 weeks however, labor will be held off and you will be put on bed rest at the hospital. You will be monitored carefully and given steroids to mature baby’s  lung. Antibiotics will also be given to prevent infection.  Your doctor will perform a test to check if your baby’s lungs are matured. If they are matured you will be induced.



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