tips for choosing a nursing bra

A nursing bra should be supportive. It should not be tight or uncomfortable to wear. Wearing a nursing bra that is too tight can plug your milk ducts, decrease milk supply or cause mastitis.  If you need to take measurements, go to your favorite lingerie store or maternity store and a bra specialist will do it for you.

  • Chose a soft bra cup as opposed to an underwire cup. The wire under the underwire bra can put pressure on the tissues at the base of the bra and lead to the same problems a tight bra can cause.
  • Choose a bra that is made of cotton or other natural materials. Natural materials are absorbent and allow air flow to the breast.
  • Choose a bra with flaps you can operate with one hand so that it is easy to open and close while holding the baby. Make sure there is room for breast pads in case there is a leak.


It may be advisable to have 2 nursing bras so that you can use one while the other is being washed. Change the bra whenever its dirty or wet because laying moisture on your breast for an extended period of time can cause irritation, sore nipples, mastitis or thrush. Using nursing pads or breast shells inside your bra can help keep your bra clean and dry.



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