Blended smoothies are a popular trend. They are fast and simple. They are an easier way to get food into a child  who otherwise wouldn’t eat. Blending fruits and vegetables into smoothies retain the whole food which leaves the fiber intact unlike juicing. Kids can get vitamins, minerals , protein and fiber from a smoothie. Parents can add kale and spinach to a smoothie that a child may otherwise not eat. It is important to know that blended smoothies  can contain lots  of sugar if too many fruits are added to it . Children do not usually regulate how much they are eating so it is important to choose the right foods to blend, preferably vegetables , limited fruits  and diary.

Tips for parents

  • You should consider blended smoothies  for kids who don’t eat due to appetite suppression such as occurs with some ADHD medications, a child who needs extra nutrients, a child who refuses to eat food  or a child who is on the go such as a teen who needs to rush out in the morning. However whole  fruits  and vegetables should still be presented to kids especially the younger ones who are now learning to eat and develop food preferences.
  • You have to be careful of how much sugar is in smoothies. Drinking smoothies is faster than eating so it can cause a quick rise in insulin. Do not add too much fruits and avoid adding any additional sugar.
  • Although parents add protein and powders  to their smoothies, do not add them to your kids smoothies.
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