You’ll  know your baby is ready for solid food when he masters the following mealtime milestone.


  • Hold his  head up : Around 3 to 4 months , babies are usually able to hold their heads up consistently and for longer periods.
  • Sitting : Babies initially sit  with a little bit  of propping  at about 6 months. However several modern day high chairs and feeding chairs  come with a convenient recliner feature that offers additional support for children who are not ready to sit fully upright on their own.
  • Big enough to take it : As a rule of thumb, babies are ready to start solids right about the time they double their birth weight and  reach a minimum of about 13 pounds.
  • Open wide :Babies become more interested in food when they become more aware of the world around them. They  often watch food and open their mouth when they see food coming their way.


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