Your newborn may urinate as often as every one to three hours. It may also be infrequently as 4 to 6 times a day. If she is not well or when the weather is extremely hot, her usual urine output may drop to  half and  still be normal. Urination should not be painful. Contact your pediatrician if you notice any signs of distress when your baby is urinating. This could be a sign of infection or problem with the urinary tract.


Urine is light to dark yellow in a healthy child. The darker the urine, the more concentrated the urine. Concentrated urine means the baby is not taking enough fluids.  You may also see a pink stain in the diaper which you may mistake for blood. This is usually a sign of highly concentrated urine which is pinkish in color. This is usually not a cause for concern so far as your baby is wetting at least 4 diapers a day. However if the pinkish staining persist, contact your pediatrician.



The presence of bloody spot in the diaper or blood in the urine is not normal. You need to notify your pediatrician immediately . It may be due to diaper rash or something more serious . If bleeding is accompanied by other symptoms such as abdominal cramps or bleeding from other areas, seek medical care immediately.



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