How to care for yourself at home after delivery


The month after childbirth can be overwhelming. You may focus all your time on caring for your newborn. However you should not forget about caring for yourself. These tips can help you take care of yourself after childbirth.


  • Rest whenever you can.
  • Do not lift anything heavier than your baby.
  •  Do not be afraid to ask for help.
  • Limit stairs climbing as much as possible in the first week of delivery.
  • Wash your hands as often as possible especially after using the bathroom,  after diaper change and  before feeding your baby.
  •  Don’t try to be a perfectionist.
  •  Keep your baby’s care simple.
  • Recognize when you need professional help.

How to keep yourself physically healthy

  • Within one week after child birth, make an appointment to see your obstetric provider for a follow-up visit. Your healthcare provider will schedule an apppointment to see you within 4 to 6 weeks. Some will see you as early  as 2 weeks after delivery.
  • You have to continue with perineal care as advised by your doctor  unit your first checkup.
  •  Wait to have intercourse  until after your first checkup when you receive your doctor’s okay .
  • Be sure to discuss birth control options with your doctor during your first postpartum  check-up.
  •  Do not douche or use tampons until your first checkup  which is  4 to 6 weeks after delivery.
  • Continue taking prenatal vitamins everyday . Take multivitamins containing iron if you run out of prenatal vitamins.
  •  Eat healthy meals everyday.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine.
  • Take  a walk and get out of the house for a break.
  • Drink 8 larges glasses of fluids every day. These include water, milk and juice.


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