No , there is no evidence that long term use of the pill can interfere with fertility . Some women experience a disruption in their menstrual cycle  for several months when they get off the pill. The condition is known as post pill amenorrhea. However there is usually a problem unrelated to the pill such as significant  underweight or being severely stressed.

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As a matter of fact  using the pill can protect you from diseases such as ovarian  and uterine cancers that can lead to infertility. Research has also proved that long  term use can lead to improvement in symptoms of  endometriosis which is a condition that can lead to abnormal menstrual bleeding and  infertility. It has also been shown that using the pill reduces the incidence of ectopic pregnancy where an egg is fertilized outside the uterus typically in one of the fallopian tubes.


Some doctors advise trying to get pregnant as soon as you get off the pill. However others recommend waiting till you get your first period which is usually 4 or 6 weeks after getting off the pill. That way  know you are ovulating. If you haven’t gotten your period 2 months after stopping the pill, you should contact your health care provider to check for any underlying causes.




You should worry about getting pregnant right after you get off a hormonal contraception. Research indicate that you don’t have to worry about the effects of any  lingering hormones on your baby.


You should always talk to your healthy care provider before getting off any hormonal contraceptive.




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