Bleeding between periods is called intermenstrual bleeding. It is not only inconvenient but can also make  you worry. Your health care professional will often consider your age when evaluating the possible causes.


Many young women have irregular bleeding for normal reasons. However no matter your age, you should never ignore this symptom. You should be evaluated by your doctor.


What are the causes of bleeding between periods ?

Bleeding between periods can be due to the following reasons:

When spotting occurs at the beginning or end of a woman’s reproductive cycle ( puberty or menopause), it may be hormone related. Bleeding during late reproductive age ( 40’s) can be due to  a benign growth such as polyp, fibroid or a growth on the cervix, vulva or vagina.


Other causes of spotting may be due to the following :

Rarely bleeding in-between periods may be due to cancer of the female reproductive system.


What you need to do


It is important to take note of when spotting happened and any symptoms that accompanied it and share with your doctor.


You need to see your OB/Gyn when bleeding persists, gets worse or recurs or if you experience any post menopausal bleeding or bleeding after sex.


You should also let your doctor know  if the bleeding is associated with symptoms such as

  • dizziness
  • fever
  • bruising
  • abnormal vaginal discharge

The doctor may perform a pelvic exam, obtain cultures or order blood tests or imaging test to find out what is causing the bleeding. He may also change your medication.



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