Common fertility tests


The usual recommendations in infertility is that if you are younger than 35 years, you have to try for at least a year before you get professional help. However if you are 35 years  or older , you have to get professional help after 6 months of trying.

fertility tests

Once your decide to get professional help, you have to be ready for a whole lot of tests and questions about your sexual life. If your doctor cannot trace your fertility issues to any problem with your general health, then  he will perform a more specific evaluation. These may include the following :

  • Analysis of body temperature and ovulation
  • X-ray of your fallopian tube and uterus
  • Hormone testing

He may also perform a semen analysis of your partner. All the evaluations will help the doctor decide the best treatment for you.  This could include drug therapies, surgery or IVF.


You have to find out from your insurance if they will cover your treatment.  Some insurers will cover some form of fertility diagnosis and  treatment.



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