Work and fertility


It depends  on how stressful your work is and your financial situation. If you’re stressed out at work, it could negatively affect your attempt to get pregnant.  The effect  of stress of the reproductive system is not fully understood. However it is believed that stress levels confuse the brain hormone center. As a result, the brain may not send out reproductive hormones that a are important for the release of an egg. This can result in the delay of ovulation.

trying to get pregnant


Fertility treatments can also be tiring and demanding. Most of the tests will be done during work hours and can cause problems at work.


However if cutting back on your work will affect your finances, then you don’t have to do it. Fertility treatments are very expensive and are not usually covered by insurance. Financial problems can also hinder your ability to get pregnant.  Even if money is not an issue, you may not want to cut back too much or quit altogether. You don’t want to sit at home thinking about infertility all day.


Don’t worry or stress about getting pregnant because doing that can also result in problems getting pregnant. Just be relaxed and stay healthy.



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