How to wean your child  off the bottle



  • do not let the child  carry the bottle around . This will help the child not to use the bottle as a comfort item
  • help transfer the child’s attachment  from the baby bottle to another comfort object such as stuffed animal, blanket or doll.
  • keep the child busy with new activities  such as playing different games, going to the zoo or having fun at the playground
  • offer the child a cup. Make a cup part of weaning . Let your child use a cup during a solid meal routine. This will gradually help eliminate the bottle
  • take the bottle away and celebrate it. You can make an announcement that your child is eating like a big kid now. You can celebrate by making the child throw away the bottles and nipples and letting  her  choose her favorite cup. You also have to know the bottle  was used as a comfort item so replace is with hugs, attention and other comfort items like stuffed animals


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