Vaginal bleeding after sex is common. It can happen when you’re not menstruating and do not expect to be menstruating . This bleeding is usually from the vagina as well as other parts of the genital and urinary tract.


vaginal bleeding


Vaginal bleeding after sex is common in younger , premenopausal women.  It doesnt necessarily mean that you should see your doctor. However vaginal bleeding in postmenopausal women is less common and warrants a visit to the doctor’s office to find out the cause.


What are the causes of vaginal bleeding after sex ?


The source of vaginal bleeding in pre menopausal women is usually the cervix. Even with a completely healthy cervix, a little friction or mild trauma during intercourse can result in some bleeding. Sometimes it could be a sign of sexually transmitted disease.


In postmenopausal women , vaginal bleeding may rise from the opening of the bladder,the outer opening of the vagina or the uterus as well as cervix.


Some of the possible causes of vaginal bleeding include the following:

  • cervicitis which is inflammation of the cervix
  • cervical polyps  ( non cancerous growths on your cervix
  • friction during sex
  • genital sores from sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis  or genital herpes
  • inadequate foreplay or lubrication
  • injury to the uterine lining during intercourse especially in women taking contraceptives
  • normal uterine bleeding if you’re just beginning your period or ending it
  • trauma from sexual abuse
  • vaginal atrophy
  • vaginal dryness
  • vaginitis

You should not get  too worried if you are premenopausal and have vaginal bleeding after sex  once in a while. However this condition could also indicate cervical cancer but if you’ve had a normal  results from routine pap smear, bleeding is likely to result from a benign condition.


In postmenopausal women, vaginal bleeding of any sort is  not normal and should be investigated. After menopause , vaginal atrophy and conditions related to vaginal dryness could be the result of bleeding after sex. However it could also be from a more serious condition.


Contact your doctor if you are concerns about vaginal bleeding after intercourse.



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