This is a rare life threatening pregnancy complication. Acute fatty liver of pregnancy  is characterized by a build up of fat in liver cells 11.  Without prompt treatment, this condition can lead to coma , organ failure and death of both mother and  baby. A blood test that measures liver and kidney functions can be used to diagnose acute fatty liver of pregnancy.


acute fatty acid


The exact cause of this condition is unknown, even though genetics may play a role. The mother is given blood transfusions to stabilize her condition. The baby is delivered as soon possible to prevent further complications.


What are the symptoms of acute fatty liver of pregnancy ?


Symptoms usually begin in the third trimester and resembles that of HELLP syndrome. You need to call your health care provider right away if you experience any of these symptoms .

  • pain in the stomach or upper right abdomen
  • headache
  • jaundice
  • continuous nausea and vomiting
  • general malaise

Does acute fatty liver go away after pregnancy ?


Most women improve a few days after delivery and suffer no long-term harm. However women with gene for a fatty acid oxidation defect (including women who have had an affected baby)  are highly susceptible of  fatty liver  occurring in another pregnancy.




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