External genital warts are caused by certain strains of the human papilloma virus HPV. HPV  is a common sexually transmitted disease  that affects about 75% of women and men who are sexually active. People who get HPV usually do not know they have it because it does not present any symptoms and usually resolves on its own.


genital warts


There are many strains of HPV , some of which will result in genital warts. These warts are very contagious and spread from person to person through sexual contact. The warts are soft and skin colored and vary  in sizes. They usually appear externally around the vagina, anus, in the rectum or cervix.


Genital warts are usually painless but occasionally you may experience itching, bleeding and burning.


For most women, genital warts usually resolves on its own and disappear in a few months. If it does not clear up, treatment is usually effective. Some strains of HPV are likely to alter the cells and increases the risk of cancer. However, this is not so with those that cause genital warts. It is however that all sexually active women get a regular pap smear.


Genital warts and pregnancy

Genital warts that does really pose any healthy risk to you or your baby during pregnancy. However they are shown to grow bigger during pregnancy due to discharge and changes in hormones and immune system.


There are rare cases where mothers have passed on HPV that causes warts to their  unborn baby. Babies are usually able to overcome the symptoms on their own or through early medical intervention from the doctor.


Treatment of genital warts during pregnancy

Treatment of genital warts during pregnancy vary from person to person. However because warts do not usually cause any problems during pregnancy, your doctor may decide not to treat at all.


Growth  of the warts will just increase but it will not cause any complications. If  your doctor decides to remove them during pregnancy , there are a lot of safe ways to remove them including  freezing, surgical and laser  removal.


If you take prescription medications for warts,  let your doctor know. Doctors usually recommend that you stop taking it during the duration of your pregnancy.
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