Pregnancy can be stressful. Pregnant women worry about their health and that of their unborn child . This is completely normal. You can share your worries with your partner and family to help ease your fear. If you have any health concerns , talk to your doctor.
common pregnancy worries

Common pregnancy worries

Birth defect in the baby : Everybody wants a healthy baby. Most pregnant women worry about birth defects such cleft palate or spina bifida. They always worry something will show up on the scan.
Taking 400mg of folic acid daily greatly reduces your chance of birth defects such as spina bifida. Increased maternal age and genetics also increase your risks for birth defects. Talk to a genetic counselor about your risks if you are above 35 years of age and have a history of genetic defects.


You are no longer desirable : Some pregnant women are not comfortable with their bodies. They worry that their partners  no longer have any interest in them. They have low self esteem due to body changes that occur during pregnancy.


When you will go in labor : No one wants their babies hooked to a machine or to stay in the hospital. Most women wonder if they are going to go into premature labor. Babies born before term are at increased risk of health complications. You can reduce your chances of going into preterm labor by doing the following

  • eat health
  • don’t smoke or drink
  • get regular prenatal check up
  • avoid stress
  • manage underlying health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes

If you experience signs of premature labor such as dull back ache, contractions, vaginal discharge or pelvic pressure, contact your health care provider right away.


Losing the baby : You are so excited about being pregnant. Now you spend all your time worry about losing the baby. You are constantly on the urge about the slightest pain that you experience.  Most mothers wonder if they have eaten or done something that could  harm the baby. Although miscarriages and stillborn  do happen, the percentage is small.  If you’ve made it through 14 weeks of pregnancy, your risk of a miscarriage is drastically reduced.


The delivery process : Most women have heard horrifying delivery stories. It keeps pregnant women wondering if they will survive the birth process. They wonder how long contractions will last and how painful they will be. You should note that each pregnancy is different . You may not have the same birth experience another mom went through.


Caring for newborn : Every mother wants to be a super mom. Most women wonder if they are capable of being the good mom their babies needs. Some moms worry if they have the patience`to be a perfect mom. They wonder if they can do basic stuff such as changing diapers, giving baby a bath, nursing baby or getting baby to sleep. You should know that if you were able to make it through pregnancy, you will be able to handle a newborn. You will figure it out one way or the other.
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