Swollen  and bleeding gums are common during pregnancy. This  inflammation of the gum is known as pregnancy gingivitis. It is caused by hormonal changes that increase blood flow to the gum , causing more sensitive, irritable and swollen gum.

pregnancy gingivitis

The increase in the level of progesterone during pregnancy makes it easier for certain bacteria that causes gingivitis to grow . This  makes the gum more susceptible to plaque and exaggerate the body’s response to toxins that result from plaque. If you have gum disease, pregnancy makes it worse. The severity of pregnancy gingivitis increases during the second trimester.


What are the symptoms of pregnancy gingivitis ?

Symptoms range from red looking gum that bleeds a little when teeth is brushed  to severe swelling and bleeding of gum tissue.


How to manage pregnancy gingivitis .

It is essential to take good  care of your gums and teeth during pregnancy. Brush your teeth at  least two  times a day and floss once daily. You may use a soft tooth brush to reduce bleeding. You should also try to keep your dental appointments and discuss any problems you have with your  dentist.


Take these steps to manage swollen gum and have a healthier  oral hygiene.

  • brush your teeth twice daily especially after throwing up from morning sickness
  • see your dentist at least once during pregnancy
  • rinse your mouth with warm water periodically or daily
  • eat healthy

You should note that untreated gingivitis   can lead to severe form of gum disease known as periodontitis. Periodontitis increases your risk for preterm labor. Bleeding and sensitivity of gum should return to normal after delivery. If your condition gets worse during and after pregnancy, contact your dentist.

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