Oral contraceptives are usually called “The Pill”. The pill is usually a combination of estrogen and progestin  and interferes with a woman’s ability to release an egg. It is possible to get pregnant while taking the pill if you don’t follow  instructions  carefully .
the pill

Why is it possible to get pregnant on the pill ?

The only way to prevent pregnancy is abstinence. The pill is not a 100 % effective . Your chances of getting pregnant while using oral contraceptives are as low as 1%. These are some of the main reason women taking oral contraceptives get pregnant.


Missing a dose : Missing a dose means the estrogen level is lower than it  is  supposed to be. If you miss a dose contact your doctor immediately to find out his recommendations. In the meantime , use a back up birth control to prevent pregnancy and  until the estrogen level is re-established.


Not taking the pill the same time everyday : Estrogen containing pills have a low dose of estrogen in them. To make sure the correct level of estrogen is maintained, it is crucial to take the pill the same times each day.


Drinking alcohol : Alcohol may slow down the way the pill is absorbed by the body. Be sure to let your doctor know if you  drink  alcohol when you go in for an oral contraceptive prescription.


Certain antibiotics and seizure medications  : Antibiotics may affect the way the body metabolizes the pill even though it does not affect the estrogen and progesterone level. Seizure medications may also affect  the effectiveness of the pill because of the way it is metabolized by the liver. Let you doctor know all medications you are on before taking the pill.


Be familiar with the signs of pregnancy. This can help you tell if you get pregnant. If your period is late or lighter than usual, it may be due to the pill or pregnancy. Other signs of pregnancy include

If you think you are pregnant,  you can take a home pregnancy test. However  for a more accurate test, visit your doctor for a physical exam, blood and urine tests.


There is no test that shows that getting pregnant on the pill will have any negative effect on your baby.

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