Fatigue is a common symptom of pregnancy. It is common during the first trimester and returns in late pregnancy. Experience with fatigue may vary from person to person although most women feel more tired during pregnancy.



Fatigue during the first trimester


Hormonal changes may be the likely cause of fatigue during the first trimester. A spike in hormonal level especially progesterone make you sleepy. Your baby also makes more blood to carry nutrients to your growing baby. Your  blood sugar level and blood pressure are also lower. Emotional changes can also cause decrease in energy. These emotions include anxiety about motherhood and  health of baby.


Fatigue during the second trimester


During the second trimester, your energy level usually increases which makes you feel more like yourself. Most people feel their best during this trimester. However some few people still experience fatigue during this time.


Fatigue during the third trimester


You will most likely to get tired again during later pregnancy. The extra weight of the baby, having trouble sleeping and frequent urination are all contributing factors.


Coping with fatigue during pregnancy


These steps may help you manage fatigue during pregnancy.

  • get enough rest by going to bed early or taking naps during the day if possible
  • eat healthy to ensure you are getting enough of the necessary nutrients to help support your energy level
  • moderate exercises like a 30 minute walk daily can help you feel more energized
  • listen to your body. This includes adjusting your schedule by cutting down on  activities and commitments that may be too draining.


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