During pregnancy, it is normal for breast changes to occur. These changes occur as a result of preparation for the arrival of the baby.

breast changes

What breast changes should I expect during pregnancy ?


Some of the breast changes to expect  include :

  • tenderness
  • darkening of the nipples and areola
  • breast growth and enlargement
  • hypersensitivity
  • breasts may leak colostrum which is a yellowish thick substance
  • darkened veins along the breast
  • the nipples will stick out more
  • Montgomery’s tubercles which are small glands on the surface of the areola become raised bumps

How can I deal with breast changes during pregnancy ?


These tips will help make some of the breast changes that occur during pregnancy more easy to handle.


Breast growth and enlargement : Some women love getting big breast during pregnancy, while some others may not be so much for it. Getting a good supportive bra can help. You may have to sleep in cotton supportive bra at night if your breast increases significantly.


These are what you should look out for when buying a supportive bra.

  • should have a wide shoulder strap
  • avoid underwire bra
  • provides good support
  • have deep bands beneath the cups
  • the closure should be adjustable. You should note that back fastening bras are more easy to adjust than front fastening bra

Breast leaking colostrum : During the second trimester , your breast will start producing colostrum. This will be your baby’s first food before milk starts coming in the breast. This pre-milk can leak anytime from when you are sexually stimulated to when your breast is massaged. This is normal and you should not worry. You can wear nursing pads in your bra .


Breast sensitivity and tenderness : Rising hormones during pregnancy can cause breast changes such as milk ducts growing and being filled with milk early in pregnancy. This causes  some discomfort or may be a bonus for sex. If you are not comfortable with this sensitivity, tell your  partner not to directly stimulate your nipple during sex.


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