Gas during pregnancy is a common concern. It  is commonly referred to as farting but professionally called flatulence. For some people, gas is the bloating feeling sometimes known as indigestion. For most people however , it is  passing gas. Gas escapes the body through  flatulence or burping.


What causes gas during pregnancy ?


During pregnancy, the increasing level of the hormone progesterone causes muscles to relax. As a result,  muscles of the intestines also relax causing digestion to slow down. This makes gas build up easily causing bloating, burping and flatulence.


Later in pregnancy, the increasing size of the uterus puts pressure on the abdominal cavity. This pressure slows down  digestion and causes gas to buildup.


The progesterone muscle relaxation unfortunately makes it difficult to control the release of gas.  You might end up passing gas in awkward situations creating a little embarrassment.


How can I prevent gas during pregnancy ?


You cannot prevent bloating during pregnancy but there are ways to help you manage it.


Certain foods trigger bloating  during pregnancy . Such foods include beans, peas and whole grains. Other healthy foods such as broccoli, asparagus and cabbage may also cause gas. However, these foods are healthy for both you and your baby. You may try these recommendations to help reduce bloating during pregnancy.

  • eat small portions throughout the day
  • avoid or reduce carbonated drinks
  • avoid fried foods
  • stay active to help stimulate digestion
  • limit or avoid artificial sweeteners
  • stay well hydrated by drinking lots of water to prevent constipation
  • drink from a glass without using straw
  • avoid tight-fitting clothing around your waist
  • eat slowly and chew thoroughly

Chewing food thoroughly is one of the best ways to prevent bloating. This is because gas is caused by a bacteria in the large intestines working to break down food that was not digested well by enzymes in the stomach.



It is important not to avoid healthy foods that cause bloating. Gas and bloating  has no effect on your baby and you need these foods for the healthy development of your baby.


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