If you’re still pregnant, it might be because your baby is too comfortable in there, even though you aren’t. Well, there is nothing you can do about it unless the little one makes up his mind about showing up. If this is your first pregnancy, going overdue isn’t really that unusual. The doctor would probably talk to you about a labor induction as pregnancies that go on too long after the due date can become risky. Learn as much as you can about the process and then make a decision regarding what’s best for you. You will also be asked to go through a non-stress test by your OB/GYN.

How’s the Baby Doing At Pregnancy Week 41?

By pregnancy week 41, the weight and length of your baby won’t be increasing as rapidly as the last few weeks. Your baby will be the size of a jackfruit still, just like last week. However, the development process for brain and lungs will continue, and so will the hair and nail growth. The baby might also plump up just a bit during this week, and feel cramped down there so be prepared for some vigorous wiggling.

The Symptoms At Pregnancy Week 41

The symptoms you will be experiencing during pregnancy week 41 include:

  • A lot of contractions.
  • Continuation of all previous symptoms including hemorrhoids, sleeping issues and frequent urge to pee.

What to Do?

Go for your weekly prenatal visit with your OB/GYN and discuss the options you have going forward from here. Take the non-stress test to rest assured that your baby is doing well and truly fine. In case this test isn’t all perfect, your doctor would suggest labor induction to you. Learn about all your options and the involved risks carefully before making a decision. While it’s not really proven, taking a walk and having sex might bring about labor, and even if it doesn’t, it would still take your mind off things in a good way!


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