Just keep your fingers crossed now, you’re two thirds of the way there you’re going to have to buck up. While pregnancy was a challenge before, it’s nothing compared to the changes your body will be going through now at pregnancy week 29, to get you ready for the big day.

How’s the Baby Doing at Pregnancy Week 29 ?

By pregnancy week 29, your baby will have developed to the size of a large butternut squash, measuring around 17 inches in size and weighing a healthy 40 ounces now. The baby will feel more active now since it is bigger and taking up more space in the uterus. Being more developed now, the baby will also react more to stimuli like your voice or light and will kick or jab you with his knees and elbows in response.

The Symptoms at Pregnancy Week 29

The symptoms you will experience during this week include:

  • Varicose veins: This occurs because of the increase in the blood volume around the time of pregnancy. Since the veins are relaxed, they swell up. This condition is not painful for some but can cause stress. Massages and cold compresses can help ease this condition.

  • Hemorrhoids: This happens because of the increased pressure and blood flow in this area. While it can cause discomfort, drinking water to soften your stool or using a wet wipe after you’re done is a better option for you.

  • Pregnancy brain: This condition can make you suffer from moments of memory loss. The pregnancy hormones in the third trimester can actually reduce your brain cells for the time being. But don’t worry, it is temporary and worrying over it can only make you more forgetful.

What to Do?

Make sure to time the kicks of the baby and keep a record of the number of times your baby kicked. Not only is it fun but you also get to keep a safe track of how the baby is doing. Keep going to the pre-natal care sessions and getting the baby checked every now and then.

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