Even if your scale is telling you that you are no longer fit and slim, do not believe it or get depressed about it. You’re just very pregnant by now! The same goes for the stretch marks that may be marring your skin by now. However, you are almost halfway through your pregnancy, so it is okay to feel both excited and nervous.

How’s the Baby Doing?

As your baby is growing at a remarkable pace, it’s no wonder that it now resembles an onion in size. The baby would now be about 5.1 inches in length, weighing almost 5.9 ounces. The rubbery cartilage it had till now would start turning into a bone. And as the bones in the body grow, they will start getting covered with some flesh. The umbilical cord will also start growing stronger and thicker.



The Symptoms

The symptoms you need to look out for in this week include:

  • Itchy skin in areas that are expanding due to thinner and stretched skin in these areas
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Increased bodily fluids like sweat, vaginal discharge and mucus due to enhanced blood flow in the body
  • Weird dreams

What to Do?

Try not to stand up too quickly if you have been sitting for a long time as it can cause a drop in blood pressure, causing you to faint, You also need to be extra careful with your hygiene due to the increased bodily fluids discharged. That aside, if you wear glasses, you will have to go through an eye examination as you might need a new prescription. Finally, find out about a childbirth class that you may want to attend and decide if you would like to know the baby’s gender or not.

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