With only four more weeks to go for the end of your first trimester, this is definitely going to be an exciting week for you. However, bear in mind that you are still in a critical stage of pregnancy and you should strictly avoid any exposure to chemicals, viruses and toxins. Right now, you should focus on staying healthy and well, but that does not mean that you need to live in a bubble.

How’s the Baby Doing?

By this week, your baby will be about the size of a raspberry, measuring about 0.63 inches and weighing 0.04 ounces. By this week, the growth rate of your baby will come to a millimeter each day. The development of your baby by now is remarkable as the Stork’s gift has tiny webbed fingers and toes. The tail of your baby would have gone by now and their taste buds would start developing. Also, your baby will be moving its legs and arms like crazy by now, even if you do not feel it.

The Symptoms

By this week, you will start experiencing some major pregnancy symptoms, including:
• Heavier and bigger breasts that would feel sore as the milk lobules would start expanding
• Early pregnancy cramps as your abdomen ligaments stretch because of the expansion of your uterus
• A heightened sense of smells, constant fatigue or nausea, and tummy issues like bloating, constipation and indigestion
• Having weird dreams, which would continue throughout pregnancy

What to Do?

If you have not already had your first prenatal checkup, you cannot delay it anymore now. So go and have it urgently. Also, it is time to schedule your first prenatal testing by now. You should start drinking a lot of water to stay well-hydrated. Finally, it is time for you to shop for some maternity clothes, especially some looser pants and a maternity band. Shopping therapy will be a blessing because it is completely okay to feel a bit moody and irritable.

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