Happy couple finding out results of a pregnancy test

You’re moody and tired – just like every month around this time. But wait – your period doesn’t start. Could you be pregnant? Should you take a home pregnancy test? Here are some early signs that might point to ‘Yes!’



Some women experience spotting and mild cramping when the fertilized egg implants into the uterine wall, called implantation bleeding. Some women even say they know exactly when implantation happens from the physical sensation! For other women, this spotting is confusing. Was it actually a period? Do you count pregnancy from that date, or from your last regular period? How pregnant could you be?


Breast tenderness

Every month your breasts undergo changes with your menstrual cycle. Under the influence of the hormones of pregnancy, the breasts go further to get ready for the work of nourishing a baby. As early as a week or two after
conception, they may become sore when touched or bumped, the areolas may darken, and the nipples may tingle.



The hormones needed to support a pregnancy also make some women feel more emotional or irritable than normal, maybe even more so than the mood swings in her typical cycle. Practice deep breathing, learn to actively relax, talk to a partner about your feelings. And let him know it’s not his fault!


Extreme fatigue

Can’t make it through the afternoon without a catnap? Collapsing into bed immediately after dinner and sleeping until morning? A woman’s metabolism is on overdrive as soon as pregnancy starts, and that hard work makes her tired, whether she realizes her body is building a baby or not.



You can thank your shifting hormones again. ‘Morning sickness’ is one of the first signs some women notice. Feeling queasy when arising in the morning is fairly common, but nausea can attack any time of the day and can even last all day long. Along with this, you may have aversions to particular foods. If your sense of smell is heightened (another side effect of those changing hormones), you may have trouble tolerating certain scents – even ones you typically loved before – and nausea may be increased by these smells.


Frequent urination

But I just peed, you think to yourself as you run to the restroom for the second time in 10 minutes. Having to run to the bathroom often can happen soon after conception due to the hormones of pregnancy.


As soon as an egg is fertilized, your body starts a cascade of changes to support your growing baby. If you are in tune with your body, you may notice these changes even before you miss your first period! Many of these changes are the same as premenstrual symptoms; but, when your period doesn’t start, they’re probably a signal that you have a new life inside. Every woman is different – you may have one, all or none of these symptoms. If you think you might be pregnant, a home pregnancy test is accurate very soon after a missed period. This may be it!


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