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Do breastfeeding babies need to burp ?

Breastfeeding babies and burping


It depends on how well the baby nurses. Breastfeeding babies do not usually need to be burped as often as bottle fed babies. Some babies who nurse efficiently rarely need burping.

breastfeeding babies


It is normal for you to pat the baby on the back a couple of times when switching from one breast to another. However if the baby is comfortable in-between and after feeding, there is no need to pat until the baby burps.


Many breastfed babies don’t swallow as much air as bottle fed babies. As a result they don’t need to burp.


However some babies such as those who are fussy when they nurse or those whose mom’s produce excessive breastmilk or have a swift let down gulp air as they swallow. These babies may need help getting the air out of their tummies. Babies with reflux  may find symptom relief when they burp.


Every baby is different. Look for cues in your baby that may signal that he  is  uncomfortable and needs to burp to settle down. These include :

  • crying
  • uncomfortable during nursing or after feeding
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