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Is it true that pregnancy can improve chronic diseases ?

Effect of pregnancy on chronic diseases


Women with chronic conditions  get worried about the effect these conditions will have on their pregnancies. However  to some women, pregnancy was  the best medicine they ever had.


chronic diseases


Most pregnant women with multiple sclerosis  tend to get better during pregnancy. Symptoms improve greatly or even disappear especially in the second and third trimesters .



Some expectant moms with Psoriasis say their skin condition got better with pregnancy .The exact cause of this is not known. However it could be due to the steroid nature of some pregnancy hormones.


About 75% of women  with rheumatoid arthritis  got some relieve and some even  have gone as far as clinical remission.


Some experts believe hormones may not play a role in these situations. However the baby’s immune system may change the mother’s immune responds.  This phenomenon is known as immune  mediation.


Pregnancy doesn’t really provide a permanent cure. Symptoms usually return sometime after child birth. However the effect of pregnancy on  these conditions  may pave a way for better treatment.




You have to know that for some pregnant women, chronic conditions may worsen during pregnancy. It is important to talk to your doctor if you have a chronic condition and planing on getting pregnant.


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