Baby — A little bit of heaven sent down to earth.” —Roland Leonhardt.


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Welcome to the world of the best and latest baby gear deals. Dozens of categories, hundreds of products. Choosing what’s right for you and your baby can be overwhelming. Start with Oohs N Coos Product finder. You’ll also want to check out these great brands and items.

Car Seats

  • Infant Car Seat
  • Convertible & Booster Car Seat


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Toys and learning

  • Baby Books 
  • Baby Toys
  • Toddler Books
  • Toddler Toys 
  • Preschoolers and Up Toys
  • Preschool and Up Books & Educational Tools

Bath time

  • Baby Bathtubs and Seats
  • Baby and Toddler Body Care


Clothes, Shoes and Accessories

  • Boy and Girl Clothes
  • Booties, Shoes and Boots
  • Girls Hair Accessories 

Stroller and Travel System

  • Standard Strollers and Travel Systems
  • Jogging, Lightweight and Double Strollers


  • Carriers, Wraps and Slings 

Activities and Play

  • Play Yards and Mats
  • Seats, Swings and Bouncers
  • Toys and Activities

Nursing and Feeding 

  • Breastfeeding Pump and Pillow
  • Bottles and Nipples
  • Formulas and Foods
  • Solid Foods, Highchairs and Cups

Diaper Essentials 

  • Diapers, Wipes and Creams
  • Diaper Bags, Totes and Handbags

Health and Safety

  • Medicine and First Aid
  • Monitors
  • Pacifiers
  • Burp Cloths
  • Childproofing
  • Potty Seats and Chairs


  • Nursery Must Haves
  • Nursery Buying Guides
  • Inspiration 
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  • Maternity Must Haves
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