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How to keep cool when baby won’t stop crying

It is important for babies to cry. It serves very useful purposes such as

  • a way to call for help when he is hungry
  • it helps him shut out sights, sounds and other sensation that are too intense to suit him
  • helps baby release tension


This can however be very frustrating for parents. However it is important to keep cool and not lose your temper which may result in something fatal.

Ways to cool down and soothe a crying baby

It is important to make sure that you have attended to the baby’s basic needs such as

  • changing diapers
  • feeding baby
  • making sure room temperature is comfortable
  • making sure baby is not too hot or too cold
  • making  sure they are not sick or injured in any way

If you have done all these things and the baby still wont stop crying, you can try to soothe the baby by doing the following

  • swaddle baby
  • use whitish noise
  • keep the noise level down

These tips may or may not work . If these tips don’t work and you are feeling frustrated , you know baby is not sick or there is nothing wrong with the baby, you can do the following :

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Breast cancer during pregnancy

Breast cancer during pregnancy is uncommon. However if you find a lump or notice any changes in your breast that concerns you, contact your doctor. There are various tests that can  be done to diagnose breast cancer during pregnancy. There are also various treatment options for treating breast cancer during pregnancy .

breast cancer

If you are pregnant and diagnosed with breast cancer , it may be called gestational breast cancer or pregnancy  – associated breast cancer PABC.

Even though breastfeeding during pregnancy is rare, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer found during pregnancy,  while breastfeeding or within the first year of delivery.

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Reasons why some mother’s quit breastfeeding early

It is recommended that babies are exclusively breastfed during the first 6 months of life. After  that breastfeeding can still continue along side complementary foods. Despite the known benefits of breastfeeding to both mother and child, some mothers don’t breastfeed at all or quit breastfeeding early.  This can be due to the challenges they face while breastfeeding.

quit breastfeeding

Reasons why some mothers quite breastfeeding early

Returning to work :  Most nursing moms find it difficult juggling between breast-feeding and working.  However it is still possible to breastfeed and go back to work. You can pump and store breastmilk for use when you are not  home and then breatsfeed when you get home. You can even pump milk at work when you feel your breasts are too full.This will keep your milk supply flowing and prevent breast engorgement and leakage.

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Signs of amniotic fluid leakage

Amniotic fluid is the warm , fluid cushion that protects  the baby when he is  in the womb.  The fluid contains :

  • hormones
  • nutrients
  • immune system cells
  • your baby’s urine

amniotic fluid leakage

At its highest level, this fluid is around 1 quart. However after pregnancy week 36, its starts to decrease  in level as the body prepares for childbirth.

During an ultrasound, it is possible for the doctor to be able to estimate the amount of amniotic fluid around the baby. It is also possible for the liquid to start leaking at some point. This fluid gushes out when the amniotic sac raptures.

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Should i worry about low platelet during pregnancy

Low platelet during pregnancy

You shouldn’t worry if your platelet count is slightly low . It shouldn’t cause you and your baby  any problems  even though you will be monitored.

low platelet

Platelets are cells in your blood that help your body to clot when it needs to. The normal number of platelets is between 150 and 400 million per millilitre (ml) of blood. Most pregnant women are in the normal range. A  smaller percentage have a slight drop in their platelet count. Your count is below normal if you have between 100 and 150 million platelets per ml of blood.

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Late miscarriage

A late miscarriage   occurs  between 14 and 24 weeks of pregnancy (second trimester).  Losing  a baby after 24 weeks is called stillbirth.

late miscarriage

What are the causes of a late miscarriage ?

This is less common than an early miscarriage and may be caused by the following :

  • cervical weakness
  • severe infections   such as listeriosis (bacterial infection) or rubella ( vital infection)
  • serious illness that involves the heart, circulation , liver or kidney
  • long term chronic health conditions such as medicines and alternative therapies . Always check with your doctor to make sure a particular medicine or therapy is safe during pregnancy other rare structural problems that inhibit either the attachment of the placenta or growth of the baby and can lead to a miscarriage . This include abnormally shaped uterus and large fibroids which grow in the womb

    What are the symptoms of a late miscarriage?

    Symptoms include heavy bleeding and labor like cramps. The bleeding may be heavy with blood clots. Sometimes there  may be no warning signs . It will be discovered during a routine prenatal checkup or ultrasound.

    You may need treatment to help your body recover. Labor may be induced. You will be given medication to induce labor. You may get induced as soon as possible or wait a few days to help you take in what has happened and see if labor will start naturally.

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