Keeping your kids safe at home during the holidays

Holidays are time for fun but having an active child around can be overwhelming . There are so many accidents that can occur if you are not vigilant with the little ones running around. Small part of toys, hard candy , candles and breakable ornaments can be dangerous when used during the holidays. However there are ways to stay safe.

Holiday hazards and how to avoid them

Fire : It is important to make sure that all fire menorahs and candles are out of reach. You may even decide to forgo candles is you wish. Use fireplace screen if you decide to spend sometime in front  of a roaring fire. Makes sure matches and hot pokers are out of reach.

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Why do preschoolers lie ?

The line between fantasy and reality is blurred for preschoolers. This explains why they  lie. The child is not trying to deceive you. She just wants to say something that will make you happy even if it is not true.You can try and encourage the child to tell the truth while at the same time not scaring her.

preschooler lie

An example is that a if a  child draws on the wall with crayons, you can explain to the child that crayons are for coloring books and help the child clean the wall.

Another reason preschoolers may lie is to spout their active imaginations.  They come to believe things that they imagine really happened such as invisible friend ate the ice cream in the fridge. You can explain to the child that invisible friends cannot eat ice-cream. Use a language that the child will understand and don’t condemn the child.  You can join in the fun and help them pursue their imagination.

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How early can i use adult lotion on my baby ?

Using adult skin lotion on my baby’s skin

It is probably better not to use adult lotion on babies. However there are some adult lotions that are mild enough to use on baby skin but you need to check with your doctor first. Most adult skin care products contain additives  such as dyes, fragrances and alcohol that aren’t good for a baby’s sensitive skin.

adult lotion

It is common for babies to rub their eyes and some of these ingredients can be irritating. Those containing exfoliating  ingredients can burn the baby’s skin especially if there are tiny cracks or cuts on the skin. It is also not recommended to use heavy ointments marketed for use on both babies and animals. These may be too strong for babies  and contain potential allergens.

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Are canned and frozen fruits and vegetables as healthy as fresh ones ?

Do canned fruits and vegetables have the same nutrients as fresh ones ?

Frozen  and canned fruits  and vegetables  are generally as healthy as fresh ones even though there may be some small differences in nutrients. However you have to read the ingredients and avoid those with high sugar and salt.

 frozen fruits and vegetables

Frozen and canned fruits and vegetables can help dinner get ready a lot quicker but you can never beat the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables especially when they are in season.

Canned and frozen fruits and vegetables   are processed at their  peak of freshness. As a result it sometimes have more nutrients than  the fresh ones especially those that have spent more time on the truck or in your fridge.

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When can my baby start using regular soap ?

Nursing your baby to sleep

Nursing  your baby to sleep may seem like a healthy and enjoyable bedtime routine. However it can lead to poor sleeping habits  that can hinder your baby’s ability to get a good night sleep.


All babies wake up a number of times  throughout the night. Most simply fall back to sleep. However if you always nurse your baby to sleep, you may need the same cue to help him fall back to sleep during the night.

Several studies have suggested that it takes longer  for breastfed  babies to develop a pattern of sleep  during the night than formula fed babies. This may be due to the following :

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Proper hand washing for parents and children

Hand washing is a simple and effective way to prevent colds, flu and other infections and illnesses at home, school and work. Following the proper hand washing guideline and teaching your child to do the same is very important to keeping your family healthy .

hand washing

The basic rule to hand washing is  to wash your hands in the following circumstances.

  • Before preparing food
  • After handling uncooked food such as poultry
  • Before eating
  • After changing diapers
  • After coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose
  • After using the bathroom

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How to give your child a head start in school

Giving your child a head start in school

The best way to give your child a head start in school is to talk and read to the child. Taking to your child gives the a solid foundation in language  and communications skills. You can talk to your child as you engage in simple activities such as trip to the zoo, store and neighborhood. You can talk to her  about what  you are seeing.  This will introduce new ideas, concepts and vocabulary.

head start

When you share experiences later on, you reinforce those concepts  and the new words the child has heard. This also helps the child to put her  ideas into words. This is a valuable social skill that will help her  later in life.

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When should my child stop using a pacifier ?

When to wean the baby off the  pacifier

It may be beneficial for your child to suck on a pacifier. This is because it is linked to a lower risk of Sudden Infant death Syndrome SIDS. However after the  6 months of age ,  the pacifier is of much less use. It  is more of a habit. Some health care professional recommend weaning the child of the binky around 6 to  12 months  especially when the baby is prone to ear infections. This is because continued used of pacifier in especially 2 and 3 year olds increases the risk of ear infections.

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How to answer my toddler’s questions about genitals