Can i drink egg nog during pregnancy ?

Egg nog during pregnancy

It is safe to drink egg nog during pregnancy  only if you know its been made with pasteurized egg  and without alcohol. Home-made egg nog is made with eggs that are raw, unpasteurized or both. These  are not safe for pregnant women because they can carry disease causing organisms such as Salmonella bacteria. Commercially made ones sold in stores are made with pasteurized eggs and is safer.

egg nog

Salmonella can cause food poisoning and can be fatal in rare cases. Getting sick  from Salmonella during pregnancy  can  cause vomiting, high fever, diarrhea and dehydration  which can result in miscarriage or preterm labor.

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Can i give blood during pregnancy ?

gibe blood

Is it safe to give blood during pregnancy ?

No, pregnant women are not eligible to donate blood according to the American Red Cross Association. They  also advise you to wait at least 6 weeks after childbirth to donate blood. The blood in the body increases about 50 % during pregnancy. However you and your baby need this blood for a good and healthy pregnancy .

An exception may be when the doctors think you may need some blood transfusion for a high risk pregnancy  or delivery. In this case , they may ask you to bank some for  yourself in case you need it.

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Will HPV affect my chances of getting pregnant ?

HPV and its effect on fertility

The presence of the Human Papilloma virus HPV by itself will not affect your chances of getting pregnant. Having this virus may sometimes increase your chances of developing precancerous or cancerous cells in the cervix which could both affect your fertility or ability to get pregnant.


These precancerous changes to the cervix can be mild to severe and may not necessary require treatment. However you need to follow up with your gynecologist.

However if you need treatment to remove precancerous cells before they progress to cancer, your doctor will use one of the following techniques .

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Is it gas bubbles or baby movement ?

One of the most exciting times of pregnancy is feeling your baby move. It assures you that your baby is physically  active and growing. It also tells  the doctor that your baby is growing well and on track developmentally. However it can be difficult to tell between gas bubbles and baby movement .

baby movement

How can i tell if its gas bubbles and baby movement

A gas bubble will feel like a small flutter or a gently pop. They usually pass in a few seconds and don’t return. Fetal movement however is consistent  and the movement may feel a little different from the other movement. You may feel a kick or punch or a rolling sensation as your baby shifts turns over or shifts position. You may also feel a rhythmic tapping which is more likely that your baby has hiccups.

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Hot flashes during pregnancy

Dealing with hot flashes during pregnancy

It is normal to have hot flashes during pregnancy. During pregnancy the amount of blood in the body increases about 50%. Blood vessels dilate slightly so that it can better handle the extra blood. This allows blood to come to the surface and makes you feel hot.

hot flashes

Regular fluctuation in hormone levels especially drops in estrogen as well as increase in metabolism during pregnancy can also result in this condition.

Hot flashes during pregnancy usually affect the head, neck and chest and can last from seconds to minutes.

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