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Late miscarriage

A late miscarriage   occurs  between 14 and 24 weeks of pregnancy (second trimester).  Losing  a baby after 24 weeks is called stillbirth.


late miscarriage


What are the causes of a late miscarriage ?


This is less common than an early miscarriage and may be caused by the following :

  • cervical weakness
  • severe infections   such as listeriosis (bacterial infection) or rubella ( vital infection)
  • serious illness that involves the heart, circulation , liver or kidney
  • long term chronic health conditions such as
  • medicines and alternative therapies . Always check with your doctor to make sure a particular medicine or therapy is safe during pregnancy
  • other rare structural problems that inhibit either the attachment of the placenta or growth of the baby and can lead to a miscarriage . This include abnormally shaped uterus and large fibroids which grow in the womb

What are the symptoms of a late miscarriage?


Symptoms include heavy bleeding and labor like cramps. The bleeding may be heavy with blood clots. Sometimes there  may be no warning signs . It will be discovered during a routine prenatal checkup or ultrasound.


You may need treatment to help your body recover. Labor may be induced. You will be given medication to induce labor. You may get induced as soon as possible or wait a few days to help you take in what has happened and see if labor will start naturally.


Will i be able to find out what went wrong ?


There are tests doctors can  do to help you determine what went wrong. Your blood will be checked for signs of infection and clotting problems. The placenta will also be checked for any problems. You can also give the doctor your consent to carry out an autopsy of your baby. This may reveal the following :

  • any health problems that may be important in future pregnancies
  • cause of causes of the miscarriage
  • whether the baby’s development was normal
  • your baby’s sex

You have to know that the chances of finding the cause is small and this can be frustrating.




There are no legal requirements to register a baby lost before 20 weeks if there were no signs of life. The hospital  may provide a birth certificate to babies lost to late miscarriage.


There is no legal requirement   to bury or cremate the body. However most hospitals offer a simple funeral service . Some parents also make their own arrangement for a private burial. In this case, the hospital provides a form or letter, saying that your baby was born without signs of life before 20 weeks.


How will my body recover after a late miscarriage ?


You will have vaginal bleeding and intermittent cramps in the first few days. The bleeding will tamper off. However if it gets worse with foul vaginal discharge, call your doctor right away. Your breast may produce milk but will dry up naturally in time.


You can do the following to help ease the pain and discomfort.

  • ease pain with painkiller such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen
  • wear supportive bra  and use bra pads to help with pain
  • take warm showers
  • express a little milk to help with engorgement

You will be offered a check after 6 weeks with your doctor or midwife.


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